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Olivia Anderson

Sports Nutrition Specialist

M.S., CFL1, PNL1

Lionheart: [ lahy-uhn-hahrt ]: noun

a person of exceptional courage and bravery.

Olivia began her journey as an athlete, from the time she was ten years old.  She was involved in a number of sports including cross country, field hockey, lacrosse, track and field, and basketball. 

In 2012, Olivia was accepted into Mercy College on scholarship as an NCAA DII Field Hockey player.  While at Mercy she pursued a major in Clinical Exercise Science.  

Upon graduating Olivia discovered a deeper passion for nutrition.  In 2017 she received her CrossFit L1 Certification and CrossFit Kids Certification.  She began coaching classes and private instructions in New York, as well as taking on clients for private nutritional coaching upon completing her Precision Nutrition L1 Certification in 2018.

Her goal as a coach is to provide the knowledge and science behind why we practice certain nutritional habits, so that her clients eventually no longer need her. They are well educated since working with her and can convert their time with her into a lifestyle. 


She completed her Master's degree in Sports Training and Nutrition from Universidad Europea de Madrid in Madrid, Spain in November, 2020.

Olivia will be pursuing her PhD in Health and Human Performance at Oklahoma State University in the fall of 2021.

She works every day to educate, motivate, and inspire all of her clients to 'liv lionhearted'.

Q: What is the unique opportunity you're providing?

A: "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

I value the education that's behind a sustainable approach to nutrition. I value science, and the mechanisms in which our body uses nutrients. I aim to teach clients and partners along the way, and instill confidence in them as they share my knowledge. Over time, we'll adopt nutritional habits that accommodate us and our lifestyles, not the other way around. 

Q: How do you relate to your client? Any relatable previous experiences? 

A: We've all been a beginner at something, and I was once too. I've done plenty of self experimentation with nutritional approaches, some showed great success and others great failure. I've damaged my body due to a lack of nutrition education and lost my menstrual cycle for years, among other hormonal issues and being the leanest a female can be. I'm on the path to become more and more educated, and also become the healthiest I can be. Health reflects function to me now- how is your body functioning internally? How is it performing? It takes a mindset shift, but the most rewarding switch you can flip. 

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