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Liv helped me take my performance and recovery to the next level. Before working with her, I did not realize how much I was undereating! She educated and empowered me to use nutrition to reach my full potential in the gym and outside the gym.



     One thing I have realized over the past year was how much my nutrition affects every aspect of my life. Liv has truly changed my whole perspective on food – now seeing it as a nutritious way to fuel my body & CrossFit workouts. I have always struggled with body image & staying consistent when it came to “diets”. As many people do, I thought the only way to lose fat was to eat the least number of calories possible while working out 5-6 days a week. Since my first phone call with Liv, she made it incredibly clear to trust her and the process & doing so has transformed my life. After following her subscribed macros, I have seen drastic (positive) changes in body composition, strength gains, increase in my performance & a positive shift in my mentality overall.

     What I have learned from Liv goes further than just physical changes & nutritional knowledge - She makes it a priority for you to understand how important it is to have/keep a healthy relationship food & that enjoying yourself on a weekend is just as important as eating your veggies.

 To bounce back from a less-nutritious day and the importance of recognizing signs of hunger. Her coaching showed me that you can still eat your favorite foods (in moderation, of course) while seeing sustainable and long-lasting results.

     She is always looking into the details, whether it’s how I’ve been sleeping, the micronutrients in the foods I was eating, energy throughout the work day, performance in workouts (energy related) – Her weekly phone calls discussing ways I can improve in some aspects & praising my small wins for the week always reassured me that she had my best interest at heart.

     To someone who is thinking about taking the step, I cannot recommend Liv and her nutrition program enough. I know that asking for help can be difficult but investing in yourself and your happiness is the best thing you can do, especially with Liv on your side.



Working with Olivia was an amazing experience. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to training and nutrition. She was very good at responding to all my questions; I was able to learn so much through her. I was surprised how much detail she focused on when working with me. Our check-ins covered everything. I was extremely happy with my results. She definitely fueled me enough to allow me to train twice per day- I felt like I was a superhuman while on her plan! Highly recommend to anyone else!

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Olivia's nutrition coaching has taught me how to fuel my body with the right foods for me, and I have never felt better. This will be the foundation of how I look at food for the rest of my life. I am so grateful.



Liv's coaching is much more than getting into shape and eating "healthy"; as someone who has had eating disorders and horrible relationships with food. After talking with Liv and being shown that food is GOOD (positive) and is extremely important for peak performance; whether that's at work, in the gym, relationships, etc. I highly recommend working with Liv because she really listens and makes sure she explains why she curated this exact program specifically for you.



I am a 59 year old woman.  I’ve been working with Olivia for some time now with amazing results. My results have not just been in just my weight.  Olivia gave me a very clear understanding of nutrition.  She helped me to understand that there were no “bad” foods and that I could have a healthy relationship with food. 

 I have always had a struggle with food. I have tried working on this issue with little success. I’ve gone to nutritionist and to therapy, but have never found anything that worked for me. 

Olivia has educated me on nutrition in a very clear way that I could understand and apply to my every day eating. 

When I reached out to Olivia I was experiencing brain fog, exhaustion and irritable swings to name a few.  After we spoke about the plan she had for me, I felt calmer and happier. Within two days of her plan, I had a tremendous amount of energy, I was happy again, I was clear headed and sharp. Olivia explained to me that eating poorly affects more than just the scale.  It affects the brain in so many ways.  

The bottom line is I would highly recommend this program. I put 100% trust in Olivia.

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