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There's quite a lot of controversy in the fitness/nutrition space regarding "post workout supplements/meals" and defining that "anabolic window of opportunity". However, I believe the pre-workout meal to be far superior to the post workout meal. I can go into this and the anabolic window (if it exists) in greater detail in another post, but for now let's just look into what some good post training meals/snacks might look like.

The overall goal with the post training meal/snack (which does not need to be sourced immediately upon completion of the session, unless in certain populations/scenarios) is to:

✔️Restore muscle glycogen (carbohydrates)

✔️Repair and initiate muscle protein synthesis (protein)

✔️Replenish fluids/electrolytes

Carbohydrates: Necessary to restore muscle glycogen and aid in delaying muscle protein breakdown (MPB)

Protein: Repair and rebuild muscle tissue, stimulating muscle protein synthesis (MPS)

Exact amounts of these will depend on the individual and their individual goals. The combination of the two is what puts our bodies in an anabolic state as opposed to a catabolic state (breaking down muscle tissue).

Meal/Snack Examples:

Sandwich + Fruit: whole grain bread, turkey/chicken/tuna/eggs, toppings, with an apple

Fruit + Protein Smoothie: Whey protein, milk (or non dairy substitute), frozen fruits, handful of spinach, honey/maple syrup for additional carbs and sweetness

Protein Bar + (DIY) Sports Drink: Protein bar & 'sports drink' made with fruit juice or milk (dairy products are high in leucine-as are eggs-which is an amino acid that plays a large role in building lean muscle mass) + sodium

Greek Yogurt (or cottage cheese), Fruit, Granola: Greek yogurt/cottage cheese are excellent protein sources, fruit, and granola (more honey...I love honey if you couldn't tell)

Prepped Meal: This could look like some variation of lean meat + rice/potatoes +veggie/fruit, pictured is a sushi tray (fish + rice)

And of course, prioritizing fluid/electrolyte replenishment. Depending on the intensity, duration, and training conditions +50-100fl. oz.

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