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- Laozi, Chinese philosopher

Or lunge in my case. 😅

The path you need to follow to reach a goal may feel like a thousand miles-but you have to take that first step in order to reach it.

Maybe in your head it’s an ‘impossible’ goal you could never reach. A job you could never get, a level of athletic performance you could never achieve, a physique you could never have, self-confidence you could never build; but you’ll never know the possibilities until you take the first step.

People may influence you, say "that's impossible, why even try". The beautiful thing about trying something new and failing is that you're not actually failing. You're right back where you are right now. You didn't lose anything. You didn't fail.

Once you’re on the path, even if it’s only one step every day, you will get there. Ten minutes a day every day is 3,650 minutes a year, that's about 60 hours of work per year you'll put toward this goal by finding only ten minutes. Practice patience. You're taking the journey. You’ll reach that ‘impossible’ goal, all because you took some initiative. You took the first step.

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